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Forum Guidelines

Postby Bikengineer » Fri Dec 05, 2014 6:46 pm

GIANT Bike Forum
Forum Guidelines

The "GIANT Bike Forum" Mission Statement:

Every Type Of Bike - Every Type Of Rider - Any Road - Any Trail - All are welcome to exchange ideas & opinions.

Learn from the experiences of others.
Teach the inexperienced by making the information available.

As our membership grows and new situations present themselves our handling of these situations must adapt to encourage and protect all of our members both new and old alike.

Our mission statement here on GIANT Bike Forum is that all Enthusiasts are welcome, whether you ride or just dream of riding you are welcome. All of our members should feel confident to be able to ask any question with out any type of degradation or being humiliated (flamed). Therefore as of this day, a zero tolerance policy will be put into effect with the respect of certain words, phrases and general topics. Members will adhere to these guidelines or face a warning. If 2 warnings are accumulated then a member ban will be put in place.

This website is a friendly, helpful and family place and as administrators we intend to do our best to keep it that way and make it grow in a very positive direction.
Membership is a priviligae - break the rules - you get deleted.
The following list will not be tolerated here:

1) Personal Threats of any kind.
2) Personal Insults of any kind.
3) References to any illegal activities.
4) General Derogatory Statements Such As: Lint Trap Technicians, Basement Dwellers, Trolls, RUB's, Cyber Geek, ETC...
6) Swearing/Swear words
7) Flaming In General
8) Spam, Spamming of any type

If you don't have anything helpful/friendly/nice/pleasant/thoughtful to add to a thread/conversation... then say nothing.

It is our hope that this website is a friendly family place and we will do all we can to make and keep it that way.
We realize that differing opinions and passionate interactions are a part of cycling and we will do everything in our power to protect and allow those opinions to be debated within reason. No one, male or female, should have to weather a storm, have broad shoulders or be thick skinned to be a member here.

Thank You,
Support Team
GIANT Bike Forum


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