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Costs Too Much?????

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Costs Too Much?????

Postby Merckx_Rider » Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:03 am

So far every time I've posted a thread about my ebike there is always a "doubting tomass" with "IT COSTS TOO MUCH!". EVERY TIME!!

This past vacation, real life experience taught me you truly get what you pay for. Those of you that feel my bike costs too much need to re-evaluate your values.

We - I met some new friends also with e-bikes, 6 of us in all, we all went on a weekend camping trip with the ebikes up into the Sequoias. I've been there many times before and know some very scenic fire roads. Mostly hard pack dirt and easily accessible by car., so all the bikes could easily ride on them.

One of my traveling companions brought a small gas powered generator so recharges were taken care of at the end of the day... at least for me.

First day outing...
We got there in the late afternoon so by the time all the tents were up, air mattresses inflated and tables put out is was after 7. Still a couple hours of day light, I decided to go for a ride to see the local fawna & flora. Some of the others wanted to go too so a few of us set out. I thought it would be fun to get above the tree line to see the sunset (duh, wait for it...). We go about 7 miles out these fire roads from camp and find a really nice place to relax and have a little break as the sun was setting. We watch the sun set and decide to head back to camp to settle in for the night.
(Here it is) I"m the only one with a head light!! I guess when they were saving all that money riding at night wasn't considered. I also was the only one with a light up dash board... why so important? I was keeping track of where we had to go and which roads we turned on. Not a problem in the day light but at night all the roads look the same... I became the instant leader. And my expensive bike saved our azzez.
We get back to camp and everyone is scrambling to charge their bikes... I barely used up two bars of five.

Next day:
Since I knew my way around I became the "guide". I was asked to lead the ride to the swimming hole, aprox 10 miles in each direction. These are nice roads, hard packed clay/sand, easy rolling. There were some steep hills and a couple with lower powered bikes had to walk up them. I easily pedaled up anything in my way those fat tires of mine made the ride smooth. We get about 3/4 of the way there and 4 of our six say they can't make it. They are afraid they are going to not have enough power to get back and turn around and go back to camp. Of them were some of the other bike brands that I've hears so much about on this forum... It's starting to get real. Cheaper bikes just don't cut it. I carried on with one other rider, he said he'd just pedal back if he ran out of power. BTW, I still had 4 of my 5 power bars showing on my dash board. We made it to the swimming hole and had a dip and some food - hung out for a while and figured we'd better start back and check on the others - make sure they got back OK.
I was cruising along, maybe 12 mph, I look behind me and the other rider is no where to be seen. I stopped and turned around, went back, there he was pedaling trying to get up a small hill. He was out of power and doing all the work... I still had 3 of my power bars showing...
Where I could, I'd get on his right side and push him along with my bike, my left arm on his back, we were doing pretty good. Wasn't much farther down the road we came across the couple with the cheap bikes pedaling along... out of power. So we all took a nice easy ride back to camp at like 6 mph - IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back at camp: 5 dead ebikes and then mine with 2 bars to spare.. Everyone else was done for the day. Burned out from pedaling an ebike back to camp. For me the day was still young and I headed off to use up what was left of the day on my bike.
I came back a couple hours later to hear everyone ask me where I went? I went down to the other end of the road (15 miles) and enjoyed some alone time. It was nice to ride into the night on the way home with no one to have to slow down for.

Next morning: we had planned to go for a picnic but some of the others were too used up from the ride the day before so only 3 of us went. Nice trip, I only had to slow down for them for the last part of the ride, all 14 miles of it.
My bike easily did 50 miles on a charge on those roads and never let me down. Was equipped from the factory with everything it needed to make sure I got back safely from each ride.
My bike looks cool, rides like big cushy luxury car, and goes farther than any other bike I've ever seen offered commercially. I can only say to those that keep stating it costs too much that they just don't know what they are talking about. My Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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