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A Blast - Out and Back to Yorba Park

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A Blast - Out and Back to Yorba Park

Postby Bikengineer » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:24 am

After a long weekend of vising family and BBQs I finally got a break to go for a ride.

The bike I'm riding is my Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike.

I've outfitted it with 2 water bottles, additional Lights (IF I could hang a disco ball off my bike so drivers would see me - I WOULD), a rack and medium sized saddle bags. I carry a variety of tools and supplies not only for myself but for any unfortunate riders along the way that my need some help. Patch kits and CO2 instead of a tube and pump. In the other saddle bag i carry jacket, arm warmers, 6 ft cable lock, reflective belts, snacks, extra clear glasses, drinks 1 qt bottle of Gatorade. The whole kit weighs a little over 9 lbs. This is the same kit I ride with my touring bike, minus the 1qt of Gatorade.

The beach was a zoo so I decided to go in the opposite direction to Yorba Park. I packed some goodies, a juice box and a Strawberry granola bar, to eat at my picnic in the park. This was my first longer ride on my new bike and kind of a shake down run. From previous trips I knew it to be around 42 miles.

What a day, nice and cool, 10 mph wind from the south. I was going North!! I felt ready to do my best and put the hammer down with that tail wind giving me the boost to ride a gear higher. I put the bike in PAS 3 and went to 6th instead of 5th. By going over the speed setting I was doing most of the work with the bike donating about 40% of the effort. The one thing that made the ride much more enjoyable was the boost from the motor going back up the underpasses. That thumb throttle... NICE!!

I was riding in a very comfortable upright/ head up position and once I started to hold the bars next to the stem instead of on the grips I picked up an extra 1 mph. Much more aerodynamic and with the balance of that huge front tire surprisingly well handling.

The ride was nice and fast just like I love them, no time to get bored. The sound track was classic fast paced rock and I felt like superman. I got up to YP in a little under an hour. I found this great little pavilion in the shade and relaxed for a little while. Ate my snack and enjoyed maybe the last cool day in YP until next fall? Took the perimeter trail back to the South End of the park and got back on the trail heading south. Nice stiff headwind going home. I wound up burning 2x as much to go 2 mph slower going home.

Electric Settings:
Riding with the tailwind: PAS 3, Derailleur gear 6-7, Speed 19.5-21 mph
Riding into the wind home: PAS 4, Derailleur gear 6 Speed 18.5-20 mph

Several times I went into PAS 5, Gear 7, Speed 22.5-23 mph on each leg. I wanted to see what she' do. Even into the wind it went all the way up to the speed limiter kicking in. I also had to use it to drop some unwanted wheel suckers, I don't know what planet that is OK on?

I got a little tired on the way home so having that motor proved to be a very nice way to travel. Once I recovered I went back to peddling.

Total trip was 41.2 miles / 2:10 time 19.07 mph average speed 65 % battery capacity remaining.

I felt like a rode over 40 miles on my old road bike, not on a monster bike. It was a great experience to go fast and be super comfortable again. I got a good workout just as if I had ridden a regular bike, I also got to go fast and bring all my stuff. As always, I'm looking forward to my next ride.

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